The President of the ANC Youth League, Cadre Collen Maine has called for constitutional amendments to prevent the ANC from being taken to court. 

Speaking on the sidelines of the 54 National Conference at Nasrec, Cadre Maine said there is a need for delegates to behave, disciplined and not be afraid to engage in the deliberations. Maine also said that the leader that get elected must unite the ANC and understand that when the organisation is not united then the country will never be united.

“The ANC must ensure that the constitutional amendments adopted by conference empowers the party to curb this thing of being taken to court” said President Maine.

“As things stand, everytime we meet we get a monitoring report from government which means government is monitoring itself, therefore we need to build that capacity in the ANC” further said Cadre Maine. 

The Youth League, which has in the past raised concerns about the requirement for experience on entry level positions in government, wants conference to adopt a policy position that scrap this requirement.

“It is quite unfair for young people to go to school and get degrees and be told about experience, this requirement must be scrapped” concluded Cadre Maine.

*Pic* Collen Maine

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