The Western Cape Acting Chairperson, Cadre Kaya Magaxa has put the unity of the Alliance as top priority for the unity of the ANC to be achieved. 

Speaking on the second day of the 54 National Conference, Cadre Magaxa said the ANC must appreciate the importance and contribution of the entire alliance. 

“We need to lay some principles to avoid the ANC being a law unto itself and to the alliance. ANC needs to appreciate that it is in power because all other partners of the Alliance contribute towards that victory” said Cadre Magaxa.

Magaxa further emphasized that ANC, SACP, COSATU and Sanco are important to the alliance and if the ANC can appreciate that first it will be able to have a united alliance.

The Western Cape Acting leader called on all members to be disciplined and respect each other, the leadership and the chairperson for the success of the conference.

Magaxa appealed on delegates that “discipline is key in the conference and we must respect democratic processes and try and avoid provocation, sing songs that are acceptable and respect the leadership of the ANC and chair in this conference”. 

*Pic* Snuki Zikalala

The ANC must emerge the winner 

The ANC and South Africa must be the winner at the end of this conference and it must emerge united to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

The President of the Veterans League, Cadre Snuki Zikalala emphasised the need to ensure that the ANC becomes the winner of the 54 National Conference. 

Cadre Zikalala says the ANC has the best policies however it falls short when it comes to implementation. 

“We must come out of here committed to ANC values and principles, and we must implement policy decisions and appoint people in government who are skilled, passionate and committed” said Zikalala.

President Zikalala said that the league will ask for electoral reform to avoid the kind of contestation we have seen during credentials. This will be to make sure that delegates should come from and be elected by constituencies and accountable to the constituencies. 

“The electoral reform we seek must be constituency based and reduce the number of NEC members from 80 to 60 members. Within the NEC there must be people who are credible and who have the interests of serving society and not themselves” said Cadre Zikalala.

The league also seeks for conference to adopt a resolution that 60% of people in the NEC must not be deployed to government so that they can hold government accountable including its President. 


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