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President Jacob Zuma says the challenges facing the African National Congress (ANC) threaten to erode it’s standing as the leader of South African society.

He was giving the keynote address to the 5th Conference of the Umkhonto weSizwe Military Veterans Association (MKMVA) in Boksburg Johanesburg last week.

President Zuma said the conference was yet another opportunity at rebirth and renewal of Umkhonto Wesizwe Military Veteran’s Association as an organisation. He lauded delegates, saying: “…you, comrades of Umkhonto Wesizwe, who were prepared to lay down your lives for our freedom, represent the legitimate voices of those who are truly concerned about the state of our beloved movement.”

The head of the governing party said that unity was the ‘rock’ upon which the ANC was founded, and that a series of recent high-profile public spats threatened the cohesion and unity of the organisation.

He encouraged the delegates at the conference to rise, speak and fight in defence of the movement and the National Democratic Revolution, as MKMVA was best placed to launch such a defence.

“MK comrades are the best politically and Ideologically trained comrades our movement has ever produced, the President said.

The President also took an opportunity to explain the complexity of the problems the organisation was facing, noting that the kinds of problems the ANC is facing today are not cut and dried but are complex and require sober minds.

In our efforts to resolve the movement’s challenges, we must always make a thorough assessment of the state of our revolution and answer important questions, the President said.

One of these important questions was, ”Is the National Democratic Revolution still on track”, he asked.

After making reference to the 1969 Strategy and Tactics document, the President impressed on the delegates that the revolution sought not only to defeat Apartheid and Colonialism but also to create a totally new society, founded on non-racialism, non-sexism, democracy and prosperity.

“We have not yet created this society hence a case exists for us to continue our revolutionary struggle.”

President Zuma put more emphasis on who the enemy of the motive forces of the democratic revolution was. He also expressed hope that the issue of abuse of our open democracy, which has resulted in the exponential rise of foreign-owned security companies posed a real and measurable threat to our own security. He said he hoped that MKMVA would take some resolutions on this issue.

“We are in a fight and our strategic enemy remains white monopoly capital,” he said, and called for an end to complacency. He cautioned that some societal groupings have mobilized against the ANC and some within our ranks have fallen prey to these groupings in order to appear intellectually and morally sound.

The President then gave his clear directive. “

Let us unite, let us close ranks, and refuse to join sporadic movements whose origins and ultimate objectives we do not know. We must close ranks and find solutions to the challenges we are facing today.”

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