While addressing the first conference the of the African National Congress Department of Information and Publicity on the 5th of July 1983 in Lusaka,  the longest serving President of the African National Congress, comrade Oliver Reginald Tambo observed that:

“Given that our movement is a uniting force, an organiser, a mobiliser, an educator and leader of the widest sections of our people, the Department of Information and Publicity (DIP) must of necessity be a finely tuned specialist instrument that clearly and comprehensively grasps the overall task of the ANC and its role and place in the struggle of our people for their national rights in particular, and the general struggle of humanity for a just, peaceful and prosperous world”.

The relaunch of the revamped and innovative website brought to live yet again the words of President Tambo.

Our movements ability to disseminate information to the widest and broadest section of society is consistent with our role as true leader of society.

The revamped web platform promises to make interactions more exciting for both the young and old alike.

It is interactive in many aspects and allows communities both here at home and abroad to pick up our organizations “current affairs”.
A new public info portal has been added, this is work in progress and will give members of the public the benefit to search for jobs, know about new skills and enterprise development initiatives deepening citizen empowerment.

Our dynamic and trendy animation platform – Batsumy’ will give visitors to the site an easy way to emancipation and to continuously engage with our political programs.

This web platform aims to address knowledge deficit about the programmes of the movement, create an ANC popular culture and make the ANC way of life.
Through Batsumy loosely translated to mean the Hunters of solution to societal challenges – the conversation has begun.

The platform will also provide easy access to the progressive Online Broadcast Platform – Radio 1912 – which will henceforth become a consistent audio feeder on current affairs and press statements in a podcast format.

The online-podcast feeder will spare the media the logistical headache of that one big demand: “Soundbite – creating ease and comfort for the download of voice clips.
Furthermore, we have created a self-help portal allowing media outlets and individuals alike to be able to enroll their details on our ANC media mailing  list to receive statements and news feed at the click of a button.
Registration on our online platform will include automatic addition on the ANC WhatsApp media group for ongoing media updates.

The new web platform aims to display our pride and for all to see that the ANC is our life, our heritage and our Future.

At the outset, the ANC apologise to the entire membership and the South African public at large for any inconvenience caused by the closure of the website, which lasted for about two weeks.

However, we have now fulfilled the promise with the unveiling of our newly revamped website which is definitely ground breaking and an improved interactive digital platform promising to be exciting.

It is friendly and easy to use, even on mobile devices, allowing for easy navigation through a wide range of content including upcoming events, speeches, archives, our constitution and all other important organisational documents.

ANC is now available online everyday 24/7 on www.ANC1912.org.za – connect now.
This is work in progress and that over the next few months we will be introducing new features to increase the security of the site and further make the site more dynamic and exciting.

Comrade Pule Mabe is the National Spokesperson of the African National Congress

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