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As was expected, land restitution and redistribution took centre stage at the Economic Transformation Commission of the ANC National Policy Conference  (NPC) currently underway at Nasrec, Johannesburg.

The National Policy Conference is called by the governing party every five years to assess progress on policy implementation and make recommendation on amendments or the development of new policy towards the National Conference in December which makes the final decisions.

The ANC’s National Policy Conference noted progress on the redistribution of land to the people of South Africa and the role of land in stimulating the economy.

The ANC in the discussion document on Economic Transformation commits government to returning land to the people and reiterates that due to this commitment, South Africa’s Constitution mandates that land reform must take place.

The Commission also received an update on the enacting the Expropriation Act, which is currently being consulted upon.

The commission on Economic Transformation yesterday received a report on progress made on putting in place legislation and other policy instruments to ensure redistribution of land; as well as to improve agriculture and farming in communities. Delegates concurred that it was vital to put measures in place for redress on land.

Commission Chairperson Comrade Thulas Nxesi urged delegates to ensure that, in a disciplined way, conference adopts radical and sustainable policies that will ensure that the ANC continues to carry further the hopes and aspirations of the people of South Africa.

The Commission urged government to speed up programmes meant to ensure food security for the nation.

These programmes include the “one person one hectare” programme; and should be sped up.

Amongst other proposals being considered is how to practically, put in place a system that would ensure land ownership vests with the state on behalf of the people and leased for public and private use.

The mandate of the Land Bank also came under scrunity, with delegates decrying the fact that the Land Bank uses the same processes used by commercial banks.

The Commission will present its proposals to the plenary session of the NPC  when it resumes on Wednesday.

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