Photo Credit: Greg Nicholson

Photo Credit: Greg Nicholson

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“ANC cannot associate itself with corrupt individuals. The ANC is incorruptible” this is what the ANC National Spokesperson, Comrade Zizi Kodwa had to say to News24 in an exclusive interview at the party’s headquarters in Johannesburg earlier this week.

Speaking on the work that Parliament is doing through the Portfolio Committee on Public Enterprises to  “investigate the cancer of state capture in relation to Eskom”, Kodwa said “We support the work done by Parliament…that investigation must be extended where possible, to investigate allegations of looting and corruption in other State Owned Companies (SOCs)”

“We need to bring back stability and restore people’s confidence. Parliament must do their work without fear or favour” Kodwa added.

Asked about the role of law enforcement agencies must play in aking these allegations seriously and investigating them, Kodwa said “Law enforcement must act without fear or favour, regardless of the position people hold, they must act.  If we are to be true to ourselves in dealing with corruption and allegations of corruption, we must deal with tigers and flies, equally. We must not just be quick to act when it comes to officials, who become scapegoats. We must deal with even senior leaders, those who hold senior positions, even at executive level” Kodwa added.

“The sooner law enforcement agencies act and act decisively, the better. Not just for the ANC, but for the country”

“People elected the leadership of the ANC to manage the public pursue, they bestowed upon us their confidence, we dare not fail. We must not take that for granted” the National Spokesperson said

Asked to reflect on the increased calls on action against Guptas, the National Spokesperson was emphatic in his response that  “the ANC distances itself from any shenanigans done by the Guptas. They’ve got nothing to do with the ANC. We have no branch called Guptas. Anybody who is implicated, be it a member or leader of the ANC, can explain for themselves”

“We are looking forward to the establishment of  judicial commission to investigate these claims. Our view is that it should have been established as in yesterday, because the sooner we establish that credible institution led by a retired judge, the better for all of us”

“The commission must investigate everybody. It must have the power to subpoena everybody. We have to get to the depth of these allegations” Kodwa added. “A single allegation made against a member or a leader of the ANC, it damages the ANC. The more we don’t act on these allegations, the further the damage. That is why, we want to see action”

Speaking ahead of the party’s NEC Lekgotla this weekend, the Secretary General of the ANC, Comrade Gwede Mantashe, has said that fighting corruption is expected to feature prominently on the discussions to be held over the course of the three day meeting.

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  1. I love the ANC, we fought long and hard, dodged rubber bullets, witnessed my mum being beaten by policemen and all for corruption? I don’t think so. I must admit when J Zuma won the vote of confidence, I was elated not because he won but because the ANC stood firm and still standing… Amandla!

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